Office Cleanliness

Dedication to Keeping Patients and Staff Safe

Recommendations made by the CDC and American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • Every patient will need to answer a few questions regarding their current health and risk of exposure to COVID-19 prior to their exam

  • Every patient will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer by a member of our health care team just prior to their exam

  • We are adding additional glass at the front desk with a small opening to pass needed paperwork through. There is a plexiglass breath shield on the slit lamp in the exam room so during the exam itself both Dr. Coates and the patient will be protected

  • Contactless payment is available for those whose credit cards allow. Dr. Coates now accepts Venmo and PayPal for telehealth exams not covered by insurance

  • Our instruments will be cleaned with alcohol pads (70%) after every single patient, as has always been done at Ridgefield Ophthalmology

  • Countertops, tabletops and other surfaces will be disinfected with virus- killing Clorox or Lysol every hour

  • Multiple HEPA filters with germicidal UV-C lighting are used to clean the air in the office

Working at Home
Personal Hygiene

New Safety Measures

  • Dr. Coates and staff will be screened each day to ensure that no one has signs or symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19

  • Our health care team will wear masks in the office

  • Patients can choose to wait for their appointments in their cars if they let the office know this is their preference when their appointments are confirmed. They will be texted when it is time to come in for their exams. Our waiting room allows for social distancing if that is preferred

  • We ask that all patients, other than our pediatric and non-ambulatory patients, arrive at the office alone and that anyone accompanying them wait in their vehicles or outside of the building

  • Please bring your own mask and wear it into the building and then into our office

  • Hand sanitizer is available in multiple places and in every room in the office

To protect other patients and our health care team, patients will be asked to reschedule if they have any of the following:

  • Active COVID-19

  • Recovery from COVID-19 within the previous three weeks

  • Signs and symptom associated with COVID-19

  • Exposure to someone suspected of having or confirmed of having COVID-19

  • Recent travel (< 2 weeks) to a COVID-19 hot spot

  • Recent travel (< 2 weeks) out of the country

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